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I am Beatriz
I’m a Software Engineer with a passion for web development.

About Me

Hey there! My name is Beatriz and I’m a software engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

I’m interested in working as a frontend or full-stack engineer.

My main interests are mobile and web development. My enthusiasm for technology also manifests itself through UX/UI design. I care about developing a functional yet beautiful product.

Some of my hobbies include singing, traveling, experimenting with makeup, taking and editing photos. I like hanging out in coffee shops and snuggling with my cat.

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A picture of me singing!
A picture I took of Venice!
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Public transport route-planner mobile application for Android & IOS.

React NativeNode.jsExpressFirebaseMongoDB
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Customizable metric management tool with simple interface, able to receive data from different data points.

PHPLaravelHTML/CSSPostgreSQLGitlab CI/CD
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Web application for inter-company product management with Primavera ERP integration.

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Movie Analytics Platform

Interactive movie statistics platform using D3.js.

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SINF | Tech Conference

Student tech conference. Head of design and marketing team: event identity, website and social media.

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Redesign of library archive search platform to deal with linked data. User requirements research.

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Multiplayer Blacjack

Multiplayer Blackjack 2D game for Android. Integration with Google OAuth.

Android NativeKotlinFirebaseNode/Express
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Facebook-like social network for events participation management.

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